Trending and Friending, A National Past-time

Being the source of new ideas certainly has its perks.

Your name and ideas can manifest what appears to be an overnight sensation frequently launching product and service start-ups that very often yield far more than 5 minutes of fame.

If you are anything like me, where you’ve had ingenious ideas a full 10 years ahead of the markets, you can’t help noticing that mass consciousness is now catching up!

For all of our lives since we were mere babes, we have craved acknowledgement. Once we became adults it was clear that we needed to define what we had to offer a mate, our community and society at large. Making a name for ourselves was our goal.

Here we all are now in the information age with social media shooting out ideas as fast as lightening and personally, I am presenting the question, “How do we remain original in an age of imitation?” Even with this mentioned, there are some pluses.

“The obvious benefit from trends as I see it is they have turned the former ugliest colors into rich new versions of their former selves. Take brown, for instance. Never was there the manifestation of a duller version than in hair. Mouse brown we all called it and we couldn’t wait till we were all old enough to dye it a beautiful alternate color. Now, if you were to walk into a dated house with mouse brown paneling you might be turned away very quickly especially if you don’t possess the gift of visualizing something better.

In Décor, paint companies have finally been influenced by the trend setters. Brown is now an option with over a hundred versions of beautiful. Just like gray, tan, orange, green and all the other colors that the prior generations of my age (1950’s, 60’s and 70’s) utilized in the worst versions in carpeting, wall paper and appliances, of all things. The updated versions of colors have tints, tones, shades and saturations that continue to thrill us on upholstery fabrics and rugs, art and interior/exterior house paint. Even furniture and cars can be purchased in the most vivid array of colors outside of the tropics known for having flowers, earth and skies that tantalize our senses.

Amazingly, trends even save us money. When a variation on a theme of the use of metal and stone becomes the latest fashion, suddenly like magic, we see manufactured versions of the real materials hitting the market that are far less costly than the original earth stone and metals.”

These special advantages are why I chose to look deeper into trends and even become certified as a Buyer Trends Specialist (BTS). Understanding what the present fashion is related to:

  • Where we have come from in the past
  • to where we are being influenced as a global culture for the future

has legitimate value when it comes to investing money wisely in our interiors. Retaining original style in the midst of trends is also important, however.

As a history buff and someone who enjoys researching uniquely creative artists, writers, designers, inventors and individuals who’s forward thinking views shape and influence our reality; consider my blogs as a source for determining how to tap into your own designer genius.

I will share with you an understanding of the cycles of fashionable design and what creates it, defines it and changes it. Utilize these insider sources of info to gain a greater perspective on how you can enhance your own resourcefulness and imagination to contrast the trends with what makes you, you!

Who knows, you may become the next trends and friend’s sensation!

~Julie Jelsma, CSP CCC BTS



Julie has made the study of art history, architecture, interior design and landscape design her focus for over 40 years. Having traveled internationally to many countries in Europe and delighted in immersing herself in their art, architecture and lifestyle design; the influence of witnessing harmonious design on all scales has led her to write about Interior Design in the Boulder Woman’s magazine, design the home she currently lives in and to choose “professional staging and office redesign” as a method for influencing our local culture into looking deeper into the metaphors that designing space creates on a personal and professional level. Professionally trained and certified in Occupied & Vacate Home Staging, Professional Color Consulting as well as Buyer’s Trends Specialist; Julie continues to expand her knowledge with an in-depth recognition of the effects of conscious design and energy on houses and properties. She offers insights as well as specifics for removing the negative influences that prevent properties from selling as well as those which prevent businesses from being successful.

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