The Fine Design Team

FINE DESIGN Staging & Redesign approaches each opportunity to "get it sold" with a designer's touch for removing the unnecessary, adding attractive "WOW" factors and highlighting the emotional triggers along with the property assets.

Julie Jelsma

"More than we're doers, we are deciders."


Julie has made the study of art history, architecture, interior design and landscape design her focus for over 40 years.

Having traveled internationally to many countries in Europe and delighted in immersing herself in their art, architecture and lifestyle design; the influence of witnessing harmonious design on all scales has led her to write about Interior Design in the Boulder Woman’s magazine, design the home she currently lives in and to choose “professional staging and office redesign” as a method for influencing our local culture into looking deeper into the metaphors that designing space creates on a personal and professional level.

Professionally trained and certified in Occupied & Vacate Home Staging, Professional Color Consulting as well as Buyer’s Trends Specialist; Julie continues to expand her knowledge with an in-depth recognition of the effects of conscious design and energy on houses and properties. She offers insights as well as specifics for removing the negative influences that prevent properties from selling as well as those which prevent businesses from being successful.



Motivated by a passion for empowering the untrained eye to see what they never noticed was possible; Jesse has supported many a novice design enthusiast and home owner to redesign their interiors which resulted in their delighting in the refreshing beauty and enhanced comfort of the newly arranged spaces.

Communication is so essential in every design and staging project. Jesse Cantrell is truly a people person. Possessing an innate talent for hearing what a client wants as well as understanding what they may also need allows him to satisfy the project completion that everyone expects.

Being the point person for coordinating projects, you will find that Jesse is truly an asset to every project he's developing a lifestyle element for.

Jesse Cantrell

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." -Coco Chanel

Designers for Hire

"As our company continues to grow and our business expands, we would like to offer designers and skilled trades workers the opportunity to join our team."


FINE DESIGN’s “Mission for Real Estate Staging” is to create aesthetic spaces that have the kind of emotional appeal which will attract each potential home buyer in all the specific demographics. Those home buyers are seeking a quality lifestyle and we provide designed interiors and exteriors with an element of surprise and always something special.

Menu of Design

Our extensive Menu of Design offerings are Staging for Real Estate Sales, Staging for 4-Season Living and Staging for Events. We also offer Office, Business, Store Redesign as well as Church, Convention or Performance Stage Design.

We would appreciate design professionals who are versatile and would enjoy stretching their talents into different genres of design.


  • An ability to combine colors within the rules pertaining to the “science of color”, but also display a creative sensibility that brings all level of emotion to specific environments. For example, considering the power of color when neutralizing in staging, reducing stress in reception areas, stimulating the mind in productive work environments, defining store-event-office spaces with updated design elements and unique artistic materials.
  • An ability to coordinate objects in space beyond traditional symbology. This might translate to an amazing design feature where the use of an object/objects for creating focal points present something no one else has ever considered. We want our designs to motivate potential clients to “visualize outside of what’s conventional” and consider what our brand can offer them as solutions to their design needs.
  • Abilities and competence in Fine Arts, Interior Design, Architecture, Professional Real Estate Staging Design, Office Re-Design, Set or Stage Design or Event Design and a willingness to learn more. We are a business that believes in being qualified, certified with insured employees and/or associates.

Fine Design Team

We provide a variety of options for working with the FINE DESIGN team.

You may work at our facility on 750 Main Street or out of an alternate work space. You may work by project or event. We require a non-compete disclosure signed and everyone be in good ethical standing within the industry they are credentialed. We also require that liability insurance be maintained for all contract labor. (We have an excellent and affordable referral for this insurance.) More details will be provided during a scheduled interview.

FINE DESIGN is part Design Firm and part Customer Service. We make sure our customers are thrilled with how we have left their project and what we have created! Think “detailed people person ” meets “total art expressionist ”. We are building a reputation of excellence and are looking for staff and associates with these qualities!

You, personally, may have some special talent, quality or ability not mentioned above. If you imagine that we could utilize or promote them, please do not hesitate to contact us: 970-812-1940. Ask for owner, Julie Jelsma.

Service Providers

Due to the fluctuations of seasonal work, we find that during “HIGH SEASON” skilled workers are difficult to hire. We love our Preferred Associates; however, we have experienced them not returning our calls when they’re slammed with work. Since we must have reliable workers, we are eagerly seeking to create a reliable team under our own brand, FINE DESIGN STAGING & REDESIGN.

We provide fair, if not generous, payment for skilled professionals.
Schedule a meeting today and let’s discuss how FINE DESIGN creates WIN-WIN scenarios for clients, staff, associates and FINE DESIGN STAGING LLC, a company that provides quality work for everyone.

the team

We look forward to receiving your Curriculum Vita or Resume with a cover letter outlining what special qualities you have to offer and why you might be a good fit with Fine Design. References would be appreciated. The email address to forward this information to is julie@finedesignstaging. Please be sure to include when it is best to call you to schedule an interview.

Professional Staging for Real Estate Sales and Office Space Redesign

The perks of being involved

  • Being in business for yourself is competitive. Being in business for or in association with FINE DESIGN offers the opportunity to do what you are qualified to do and enjoy without having to constantly compete to get the work.
  • We are growing company with a vision for the future that rewards those individuals who are loyal to our WIN-WIN philosophy. We provide acknowledgement for a job well done with bonuses, pay increases and the possibility for higher positions as your work creates more profitability and establishes us as a leader in our field.

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