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FINE DESIGN understands the financial strain around property sales and we lend a hand with discounts. Contact us to find out more details.

We offer discounts to: STUDENTS, SENIORS, REALTORS and FIRST TIME CLIENTS regarding FINE DESIGN SERVICES. These are exclusive and are not valid with other advertising and promotions.

STAGING Consultations for Residential Real Estate Sales


Up to 1000 sq. ft.


Up to 5000 sq. ft.


Over 5000 sq. ft.

Call for Quote

Over 10,000 sq. ft.
Consultation includes printed report of recommendations for editing all spaces (this is crucial and specific), "must do" preparations for Open House, recommended upgrades for best ROI and demographics.

Staging Consultations for Color Updating


This is a flat fee for specifically a 2-hour appointment. If there are more areas that have not been included in this time frame, another scheduled appointment can be arranged for $125 per hour.

This appointment includes information on trend colors for the last 3 years and how these trends will influence all the fixed elements in the residence as well as the furniture and Décor. A step-by-step guide will clarify which color directions home owner's may find most appealing. Utilizing an Architectural Color System, small samples are provided as well as larger boards can be ordered when purchasing Sherwin Williams paint.

Re-Design Plan For Office or Residence, Staging for Living, Staging for Events

Up to 1000 sq. ft. per room

1100 – 5000 sq. ft. per commercial area, event site
TBD based on scope of project, please schedule for walk through bid

This fee includes budget guide for 4 separate price points, log in to interactive design website, design board for approved design selections, coordination of project (no discount if done in-house), final walk through for local projects to ensure quality as well as parting gift to show our appreciation for working with you.

Professional Staging

Showcasing Vacant & Occupied Properties

Due to the extreme differences each project presents, we must bid each residence separately to determine, again, size and scope of showcasing and rental requirements. Schedule your complimentary bid today.

FINE DESIGN STAGING always investigates options and alternatives in saving money when assisting each builder/investor for vacant house promotions as well as home sellers needing to feature their property's best assets.


  • BUILDING DESIGN and more

Available for bid on a project by project basis. Our designers and service providers are happy to fit your project into their schedules as quickly as they have openings available. If the time frame needs to be pushed up beyond what we have available, we would be happy to provide excellent referrals.

The Consult

If you are selling your home, Fine Design Staging and Redesign just may be your new best friend.

After The Staging Consult

After the Staging Consult, you are left with a pre-staging list and recommendations for what services and preferred providers are available for these services you will be needing assistance with. This list is comprehensive and includes every level of work necessary from:

  • Home cleaning
  • Lawn care
  • Organization
  • Packing
  • Storing

Moving as well as any renovation techniques from basic handy man services to full contractor services and painting.

The Review

Reviewing the Consult Recommendations, we determine if your home will benefit from the rental of accessories or furniture and/or any other items that will be used for showcasing the home. The Staging Showcasing is then scheduled to include any furniture delivery that is needed.

The Budget

Once you have established your budget, the time the staging items will remain at the house so that we can also schedule the de-staging of these same items and what services are required; we review and sign the contract for rentals and services, we receive payment as well as schedule service providers to ready the property for the OPEN HOUSE.


All furniture and accessories are delivered, the home is showcased and we stay in touch as far as the property selling and rental renewals.

As the property sells or upon the agreement of the length of time to utilize the furnishing & furniture; we determine the de-staging date and all the belongings are removed.


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Services Offered

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  • Professional Consultation
  • Professional Color Consultation
  • Professional Home Staging, Style & Showcasing

Four Season Living

  • Professional Consultation
  • Professional Color Consultation
  • Professional Concierge Redesign Services or Decorating

Business Environments

  • Professional Consultation
  • Professional Color Consultation
  • Professional Concierge Redesign Services


  • Professional Consultation
  • Professional Color Consultation
  • Professional Concierge Redesign Services

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