How Professional Home Staging Saves Home Owner’s $$

Let us start by clarifying potential home buyer’s objectives when viewing your property.


As humans, safety first and our whole subconscious mind and brain are geared towards this!


Shelter for ourselves and family that is large enough to accommodate adequate sleeping quarters, dining and bathing facilities. An area to gather socially and storage for our supplies, equipment and personal items.


We crave enough luxury detailing in our home that sends the message that we have style, we know quality and we have class on any budget at any time of our lives!

Understanding the needs, wants and cravings have everything to do with how we manifest success in real estate sales.

Most builders know this and that is why we see homes and neighborhoods being created near schools and shopping as well as located near main arteries through town.

Real estate agents know this and they work closely with potential buyers to present properties to the correct demographics (which age group and lifestyle the buyers fit in).

FINE DESIGN STAGING knows this and they prepare your property for all demographics while addressing every need, want and craving to ensure your optimum return-on-investment (ROI) as well as the timely sale of your home, which is our committed focus.


Our home staging approach begins with assessment. Taking 1-2 hours depending on the size of your property, this assessment comes with a written report tailored to optimizing your home’s specific value enhancing features.

Through our specialization in real estate “Buyer’s Trends”, Advanced Psychological Staging techniques and FINE DESIGN’S exclusive system for creating extraordinary appeal that sets your property apart from other homes in the same price point; we draw attention by providing top designer interior/exterior enhancements coupled with editing out your specific personal effects in order that each potential buyer is able to visualize how your property is the best choice for satisfying all their objectives.


We know the equation for success related to what your bottom line budget must be in order to receive the maximum money return in the sale of your home.

The formula begins with creating dynamic marketing appeal.
The equation includes the unmistakable perception of quality, upkeep & maintenance and comfort.
The value of your time and investment is realized when you only spend $ on the specific upgrades that provide absolute necessity in creating the formula and equation above.
FINE DESIGN STAGING also provides you additional savings and we do it with finesse.
We offer:

  • The best upgrades for the least cost
  • Specialized attention to resolving detracting/distracting issues that interfere with highlighting positive features
  • The option for you or your Realtor to purchase our DIY Designer Room Staging packages and/or DIY Step-by-Step Instructional Program for Home Owner’s Staging to allow you big savings on readying your property when you have the time and family/friends man power available
  • The option to set up your new home differently with FINE DESIGN’s online videos or written programs for
    • Advanced approaches to developing more storage that include all the details of the best priced and quality methods for storage from DIY alternative projects to luxury systems at a reduced price for every area of home, office or garage/basement/attic/outbuilding
    • Insider’s Tips & Techniques for creating Organization and Maintaining it
    • Systems and Designer Plans for developing expanded lifestyle options from creating improved lighting, to hanging artwork, creating decorating schemes and restructuring space to include home offices, additional entertainment areas, storage areas as well as developing outdoor kitchens, dining and living rooms
    • Problem solving tips and techniques for protecting your home during inclement weather, out-of-the-area travel, determining replacement or maintenance of your appliances-furnace-air conditioner/swamp cooler-sprinkler system, landscaping drainage, saving money on utilities and much more
    • Approaches to preventing furniture and furnishings damage as well as repair
    • DIY Designer Room Enhancements and products at a remarkable price point for events, holidays and special needs such as satisfying children’s décor requests with a Designer’s touch and providing safe and appealing quarters for extended living with parents, workers and out-of-the-area guests
  • Additional one-of-a-kind services for clearing discordant energy that can affect your personal health/sleep/productivity, harmony with your surroundings and neighbors as well as safety. These services fall into the category of “you don’t know what you don’t know, but something is wrong”.

Finally, FINE DESIGN is committed to supporting all areas of living, business and real estate home selling. If there is something we don’t do that can help you save money, we will refer you to a provider that can!



Julie has made the study of art history, architecture, interior design and landscape design her focus for over 40 years. Having traveled internationally to many countries in Europe and delighted in immersing herself in their art, architecture and lifestyle design; the influence of witnessing harmonious design on all scales has led her to write about Interior Design in the Boulder Woman’s magazine, design the home she currently lives in and to choose “professional staging and office redesign” as a method for influencing our local culture into looking deeper into the metaphors that designing space creates on a personal and professional level. Professionally trained and certified in Occupied & Vacate Home Staging, Professional Color Consulting as well as Buyer’s Trends Specialist; Julie continues to expand her knowledge with an in-depth recognition of the effects of conscious design and energy on houses and properties. She offers insights as well as specifics for removing the negative influences that prevent properties from selling as well as those which prevent businesses from being successful.

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