Our Unique Approach

What makes FINE DESIGN STAGING special is that we utilize the design and staging principles to create a “curated” feel that is enticing both from the aesthetic value of design as well as specifically alluring due to the psychological cues that start at the curb and are woven into the property from the color of the walls chosen, to the lifestyle elements that exist throughout each room and the inclusion of all the updated trends placed in each setting.

"Potential buyers walk into each property FINE DESIGN STAGING has prepared for sale convinced they can have the lifestyle they truly are seeking in this home!"

Become a client

Here are great testimonials from some of our fine previous and current clients!




"Wow there really is a difference. Fresh & Comfortable!"

"Well done, the space feels more open, bigger and more welcoming."

"I really like how it feels to be in this space now!"

J. Schuyler

Kristie G

Local Realtor

"So, you're really going to give up this place?!"

"When you said you were designing and building a 1400-1500 sq. ft. home, I never thought it would feel spacious and large."

William. M

"OMG, all the living spaces are open, comfortable and warm. I feel relaxed, peaceful and happy. I love outdoor living and the patio couldn't be better."

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