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Julie has made the study of art history, architecture, interior design and landscape design her focus for over 40 years. Having traveled internationally to many countries in Europe and delighted in immersing herself in their art, architecture and lifestyle design; the influence of witnessing harmonious design on all scales has led her to write about Interior Design in the Boulder Woman’s magazine, design the home she currently lives in and to choose “professional staging and office redesign” as a method for influencing our local culture into looking deeper into the metaphors that designing space creates on a personal and professional level. Professionally trained and certified in Occupied & Vacate Home Staging, Professional Color Consulting as well as Buyer’s Trends Specialist; Julie continues to expand her knowledge with an in-depth recognition of the effects of conscious design and energy on houses and properties. She offers insights as well as specifics for removing the negative influences that prevent properties from selling as well as those which prevent businesses from being successful.

Space: The Final Frontier

Maxi, Medium, Mini and Micro; SPACE is ever evolving as our modern culture redefines itself. Shelter size is not; however, what defines us. Simply noted, SPACE to breathe in our full capacity to:

  • THINK or rather identify creative possibilities for work & lifestyle goals
  • FEEL then shape the moment to attract our passion & vision for personal, family and professional fulfillment
  • MOVE then manifest each collaboration which unfolds community expression within business, entertainment and building positive change for now and tomorrow

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We can all identify with neutral colors. They are relaxing, gentle back drops to basic areas such as public environments and the home spaces we experience every day. Spaces like hallways, utility areas and stairwells.

Then, if we are in a colorful space, often the furnishings are neutral such as the window coverings, the upholstered furniture and blended accessories.

Even with many social occasions we find we ourselves covered in neutral dyed clothing, outer garments and accessories due to their agreeable way of relating to every scenario.

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INSIGHTS INTO Professional Home Staging

>Home Staging for Real Estate Sales has been an industry in full force for over 40 years and still in many cases, people are not very knowledgeable as to what the magic is behind staging.

HGTV has been a great source of programming where Sabrina Soto and the Property Brothers, for example, wow the senses as we watch them turn a tired apartment, condo or house into a tremendously marketable property. Yet, if it were really all that easy, why do so many seek the assistant of the highly-trained professional?

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